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The 11 Second Raptor - By Maxx Performance

The 11 Second Raptor - By Maxx Performance


Our release of the Process West Ranger Raptor Upgrades saw shops and owners across the world pushing Raptors to the limits, seeing just how much potential this V6 twin turbo had.

A few shops, however, received prototypes of our upgrades months before they were available to the public. 

This allowed us to receive feedback from industry professionals for factors like fitment, daily usage, compatibility with other upgrades, and most importantly, performance results.

In turn, this allowed tuning shops to get testing early on the Raptor, perfecting and tweaking alongside our development process. 

We worked very closely with one shop in particular, providing our products to them early on to see how their customers' vehicles responded to the upgrades. 


Maxx Performance is an automotive shop based in Victoria, and their name absolutely reflects their body of work. Maximum Performance. 

If you’ve been following our socials (or there's) you may be aware of the efforts behind Maxx Performance to achieve an 11 second ¼ with the Next Gen Raptor. With this goal of theres in mind, and our goal for performance testing, it was the perfect match.

We collaborated very early on with Maxx Performance, sending one of the very first iterations of our Intercooler upgrades to them for dyno testing back in October 2023.

As our product development continued, so did our collaboration. They were also the first to receive our Air Box and 3.5” crossover intake, producing the first draw of performance results for all three products.

With a stock tune, our Intercooler, Airbox, and 3.5” crossover intake, Maxx Performance saw around 10rkwk and a peak of 20rwkw. With full bolt ons and a tune, this peaked to 30rwkw.

Managing to squeeze 381rwkw out of it, they dialled it back to a safer 360rwkw on 24psi.

This was a great start, and showed promise for much more to come from our products, and from Maxx Performance.

OBD Breakthrough

A major catalyst for Raptor performance and tuning was the introduction of the replacement ecu… from the F150. The Raptor ecu was notoriously hard to crack, but the F150 ecu made it possible to take Raptors to the next level.

This ecu change coupled with some assistance from ZFG Racing and further testing saw Maxx Performance achieve even more impressive results, finishing up around 410rwkw.

At this point their Raptor features the following modifications:

  • E40 fuel Tune Via OBD
  • Process West Stage 2 Intercooler
  • Process West Intercooler Pipes
  • Process West Cross Over Pipe
  • Process West Race Airbox
  • Process West Transmission Cooler
  • Maxx Twin 3" Down Pipes.
  • Maxx 4" Stainless Exhaust System


12.08 Second ¼ Mile 

With these modifications Maxx Performance visited Heathcote Park Raceway to truly see the Raptor in action. 12.08 Seconds at 113.6 mph (182.8 kmh). It was a matter of time until they hit 11 seconds.

The 11 Second Raptor

Starting in the high 13s Maxx Performance worked their way to an 11 second ¼ mile. The first Raptor in the world to do so. 

11.94s at 113.68 mph. 0-100 kpm in 3.9 seconds. The best 0-100kph they saw on the same day was low 3.7s

This impressive accomplishment is extended by the fact that the Raptor remains entirely stock internally, including the valve springs. They Havent opened the motor.

This ute, with a stock engine, stock turbos, and driveline, achieved an 11-second 1/4 mile with just bolt-ons and tuning. Hard to imagine for a 2.4 tonne brick.

The Raptor Mod List:

Achieving this 11 second goal, Maxx Performance may leave it there, continuing with regular shop duties… or potentially look into the fuel system and turbo upgrades - Let’s see if 10 seconds is possible!

You can keep up to date with Maxx Performance via their social media channels and website here:

For any enquiries regarding Process West products, contact our team at