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The Next Gen Ranger Raptor

The Next Gen Ranger Raptor

The Next Gen Ranger Raptor is certainly one of the favourites among the Process West team, and we couldn’t wait to get our hands on one (or two).

Receiving such a strong reception by Ford enthusiasts across the world, we were very eager to see the full potential of this beast.

In May 2023 we received our first development vehicle, a considerable time before it was introduced to the US market (lucky us). We soon realised it was more beneficial if we had two development vehicles. One for design and fitment purposes, and the other for on road testing.

Our daily use of the second Raptor helped ensure any modifications made would be suitable for consistent, daily usage. Plus, we wanted to actually drive it.

We immediately got busy with development, producing 3D renders and printing to ensure an accurate fitment. A core component of our Intercooler was maintaining its compatibility with factory piping with a simple 30 minute fitment.

As always, an optional mandrel bent aluminium piping would also be available in a full kit.


Alongside the intercooler we also began rendering and preparing prototypes for the Air Box, which consisted of a combination of sheet aluminium and cast pieces. This would also be suited to fit factory piping and an optional upgrade for larger diameter piping.


Moving development along, both our development vehicles became fitted with production versions of the Intercooler upgrade. The Airbox was still in the earlier stages around this time, fitted to the on-road vehicle while a few 3D printed components were still attached. Even with the 3D printed components the Air Box sounded unreal.

The additional investment cast parts and polycarbonate cover were set to arrive in the coming weeks.

The next stage was focused on our optional intercooler piping kit. The original piping is very busy with BOV, inlet temperature sensor, barbed fittings, etc. This caused a lot of additional components to consider in the manufacturing of this kit.

We knew early on we wanted to provide the piping kit in two colours: Black and Red. Below are images of the piping kit at this stage, including some of the manufacturing of the components. We keep most of this process in house.



After a few more touch ups, the Intercooler and piping kits were complete and ready to ship. With the piping available in Black and Wrinkle Red.


The plan was to complete the Air Box shortly after the intercooler, however a few challenges arose. The outlet y-pipe was slightly out of alignment, which required a tool used in the process to be re-made.

The sample parts already fitted to our test vehicle had to be modified, including a few shops receiving the product early for testing. This is around January 2024, a slight delay. 

Another challenge stemmed from our 3.5in Crossover pipe. While almost complete, the BOV outlet hose would not fit/reach, so the tooling had to be made for a custom moulded silicone hose.

A key element for the Crossover kit was that it remained compatible with the factory Air Box, hence why we delayed the release until this was resolved.

During these minor setbacks we had prototyping and production underway for the Transmission Cooler, Stage 1 Intercooler, and the Factory Replacement Intercooler Piping.

The replacement piping is nearly identical to the Stage 2 piping, but with a revised lower section to fit the factory intercooler (and our Stage 1).


Late February 2024. 

The Air Box is almost there. The additional cast aluminium sections we’d been waiting for are on their way. Awaiting its arrival, we welded up half of the first production batch (60 units).

Very soon we could complete the batch, powder coat, prepare polystyrene (in house) and ship worldwide.


Early March 2024. The Airbox is ready.

Late March 2024. 

The transmission cooler is complete and shipping worldwide. We had such a large demand for a black cooler, so we made it happen. 

The Stage 1 Intercooler is also nearing completion.



Today, the full range of Process West Next Gen Raptor Raptor products are in full swing. Shops are producing some fantastic results with our products, proving to be the ultimate choice for all Raptor enthusiasts looking to go to the next level.

To secure your order, get in contact with our team at